Roku Advertising Solutions: How to Choose?

Oct 02, 2020

In the era of digital technologies, when the competition on the market exponentially grows, all brands strive to catch their lucky stars. How to expose their services and goods to the large audiences and convert these efforts into revenue? For many years, traditional TV has been coping with this task, but not today. Facing the grim reality about dying out linear TV advertising, marketers pin their hopes on streaming services and reallocate ad budgets to this channel.

With about 40 million active accounts and 14.6 billion viewing hours in 2020, Roku gets to the top of the most popular platforms in the US. Its ad hoc capabilities and multi-faceted promotion tools perfectly suit ad placement.   

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and learn more about the peculiarities and alternatives of Roku TV advertising.

Types of Channel Promotion

It’s far from being a secret that the boost of conversions depends on the promotion tactics marketers use. This landscape is not an exclusion, and channel promotion can be either organic or paid. 

Using Organic Potential

When companies prefer not to spend their budgets, there’s still an opportunity to promote the channel for free. While Roku is becoming all the rage, they can also make no efforts and allow a channel to grow organically. It’s a win-win situation for numerous new media that have recently entered the Roku environment and are currently steaming up their audiences.

Nevertheless, the service enables its channel owners to make more out of the rudimentary set of options. One of the in-built Roku functions allows boosting the awareness of the channel over a single, indexed search feed. Channel owners should actively follow the trends and ideas of the network to come up with useful insights on how to evolve the channel. Another beneficial way to promote content on Roku for free is to join the community of producers and interact with other experienced peers.

Besides, the development of the channel can be grounded on the owner’s efforts. The most trivial way is to spread the word and ensure the channel’s presence across all possible social media. Along with email newsletters and blog posts, the audience may get to know more about the content streamed on the platform as well as recent upgrades.

Finally, channel owners should seek to build bridges among Roku and YouTube. CTV is not about giving up other means of promotion but an additional way to expand the audience. So, it would be reasonable to let your YouTube subscribers know that they can also find you on Roku now. None of the tactics presented above is meant to gain the lion share of the audience. On the contrary, they can be mixed and used as a subsidiary means on the way to the lucrative channel promotion.

Paying for Promotion

If the idea that the best things in life are free makes a grin appear on the face,  it’s time to think about paid promotion. It is a fast and effective way to inform viewers about the medium. What’s more, advertising the channel for money helps its owners select people that are likely interested in the content offered. They can reach accurately identified audiences and sort out users based on their peculiar features.

Paid promotion may horrify since not all companies can afford large ad budgets. With the range of opportunities presented in the modern media markets, channel advertising fits almost the most limited expenditures. Additionally, marketers can choose advertising models to match their expectations and payment capacities. 

Roku Self-Serve Advertising

As the trend of cord-cutting and thus digital advertising keeps growing, Roku offers the opportunity to run, regulate and monitor ad campaigns more effectively. The platform provides paid access to targeted display of commercials on the home screen, which is meant to increase the visibility of the channel. With every purchased promotion shown one at a time, Roku gives equal chances to all brands to display their ads and eliminates competition for the viewer’s attention. 

What are the Benefits?

Here’s the list of the 3 significant advantages publishers can take of advertising on Roku’s self-serve platform. 

#1 Cost-efficiency 

Advertising is commonly associated with high budgets. And it really is, but not when companies opt for a self-serve platform on Roku. It allows reducing costs and taking control over all factors of the marketing campaigns. As buyers of promotion get access to numerous tools, they take the entire responsibility of their advertising campaigns so that they can calculate spend without interaction with the publishers. 

#2 Minimal Spend 

The platform has no extra or hidden expenses. It’s especially beneficial for low and mid-sized budgets. Meanwhile, large advertisers can afford services provided by account managers that regulate the process.  

#3 Complete Control 

With Roku, it’s possible to adjust and correct configurations depending on the requirements of the ad campaign. With self-serve tools, promotion can be tracked and targeted with higher accuracy and more holistically. 

Payment Model

The platform enables users to select a payment model that fits advertising purposes. Roku self-serve allows paying per install (CPI), thousand impressions (CPM) or clicks (CPC). Whatever model is chosen, the publisher is charged only when the campaign delivers the desired aim. Namely, money is imposed when a user installs the channel or clicks on the advertisement. 

Get Advanced Options with Allroll

Despite the in-built Roku advertising platform, there’s one more win-win option in the OTT media buying market. Allroll is a stand-alone platform that facilitates content producers to increase the audience cost-effectively. Its proprietary algorithms can offer up to 60% more installs avoiding additional spending. Publishers pay the same price as on the native platform but reap considerable benefits. 

Brought in Targeting Solutions 

Moreover, Allroll offers lucrative targeting solutions for reaching as many viewers as possible. Content producers can set up promotion of the channel, taking into account such factors as geo-location, device, demographics, interests and the like. Hence, the ad message becomes customized and is more likely to embrace the desired audience.

Integrated Analytic Opportunities

Allroll includes an integrated set of functions that allow tracking user’s interaction with a channel. With this advanced technology, channel owners can monitor and analyze user experience in order to improve it and make it even more sophisticated. Getting insights on various stages of channel use comes in handy for publishers, especially for the further optimization of channel promotion.

Appealing Ad Formats

On top of everything else, the platform abounds in trendy ad formats. Understanding that users must have got bored with plenty of the existing ad variations, Allroll keeps pace with the times. Publishers can select from carousel static banner, overlay full-screen static ad, and video ad. 

OneView Solutions

The revamp of OneView, Roku ad platform, offers innovative, viable solutions for digital advertising on OTT across various devices, to say TVs, desktops, or mobile phones. With the skyrocketing increase of streaming during the lockdown, dollars started to flow to this landscape. Namely, marketers’ need in a platform that analyzes efficiency of ad campaigns on CTV and OTT appeared and still remains at a sufficiently high level.

What are the lucrative benefits offered

Initially, marketers can use metrics to optimize their ad campaigns and collect data about their effectiveness from various devices. Moreover, it’s possible to get the most out of analytics about outreach, frequency and performance and thus to be certain that no bots or spam websites inflate the campaigns. When running advertisements, marketers can entirely rely on Roku’s inventory because safe placement on reputable websites is guaranteed and no damages to brand image or reputation is done. 

Powered by Roku’s direct consumer relationships, it’s possible to make decisions with accurate TV audience data. Besides, an instant OTT forecast allows evaluating access to available ad inventory over a short time. So, advertisers can buy it from Roku or other publishers on OTT without spending precious time. For marketers, OneView provides an opportunity not only to choose creative tools but target subtly. 


Roku is a promising landscape for channel owners. With a holistic and robust approach, its numerous inbuilt tools are crucial for promotion in today’s digital world. Along with Roku self-serve platform, Allroll and Oneview allow managing, monitoring, and analyzing ad campaigns in order to gain the full benefit. Due to the profitable solutions on Roku, the number of viewers and the number of advertisers will keep increasing from year to year.