The Only Marketing
Platform for CTV/OTT
Channel Owners

Allroll is a marketing platform for channel owners who want to stand out, advertise, or monetize their channels effectively.

Promote Your OTT/
CTV Channel

Grow your OTT channel with Allroll, unique software that helps you acquire larger audiences at a lower cost than on a native marketing platform.

Сreate a consistent audience flow to your CTV channels by placing your ads in front of millions of relevant viewers.

Streamline your ad performance and analyze your audience activity.

Reach out to your potential viewership with extensive targeting by demographics, interests, location, device, and other parameters through an easy-to-use digital marketing platform.

Monetize Your OTT App

  • Enjoy the plug-and-play approach and control your ad inventory effortlessly.
  • Release your monetization potential in full through promising eCPM and fill rates
  • Monetize your channel through the immense pool of premium demand sources

Succeed with Allroll Advertising Agency

  • Upgrade your CTV/OTT ad campaign
  • Analyze and optimize your results
  • Get global support and improve your marketing strategy

Allroll Means Results

Improve Your Channel’s Marketing Growth

  • Pay no additional fees: you’re charged for acquired audiences only
  • Enjoy fair revenue share
  • Work with legitimate supply and demand partners and exclusive ad placements.
  • Access extensive targeting options

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